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Wellness From Within

Wellness From Within

This year, we debuted a new look inspired by our heritage and mission that healthy living should be joyful, along with a commitment to champion a more inclusive definition of wellness.

We believe that when it comes to wellness, it’s what’s inside that matters. Today we launched our Wellness from Within initiative, a new campaign aimed at challenging current health and wellness stereotypes. As part of the initiative, we will continue to ensure diversity in our partners, content, casting and campaigns across body type, race and gender.

The campaign is designed to elevate conversations on perceptions in health and wellness by partnering with several influential voices to share their individual experiences on what Wellness from Within means to them. Those leading voices include Katie Sturino, founder of cult body care brand Megababe and Body Acceptance Advocate, and Andy Mathis, registered dietitian nutritionist and blogger of Beautiful Eats & Things.

Join the conversation with @nurishbynaturemade and tell us what wellness means to you by sharing our sticker and #goodbeginswithin on Instagram.

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