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Surfer Malia Manuel Talks Waves, Wellness, & Holistic Nutrition

Surfer Malia Manuel Talks Waves, Wellness, & Holistic Nutrition

As one of the top 10 women surfers in the world, Malia is constantly traveling and competing. Even so, she loves to spend her time evolving her own wellness journey and connecting with those who enjoy the same. We asked Malia to share some of what she’s learned over the years about balancing her health with her intense schedule and how being so connected to nature affects the way she views wellness.

How did you get into surfing & what do you love most about it?

MM: My parents met surfing, they are very passionate surfers even till this day. I basically grew up at the beach and eventually joined my parents surfing in the ocean.

The ocean has defined me in many ways. One thing I love about it is that I am in constant practice of being in tune with the demands of our environment. It’s a challenge that’s always changing and I’m always trying to create the connection between composure and chaos of the elements of Mother Nature.

What does “wellness from within” mean to you?

MM: For me, wellness from within is a lifelong journey. It starts with self-awareness and creating healthy habit formations. It’s multi-dimensional: it encompasses mind, body, spirit, which are integrated by an individual to live life more fully within self.

What inspired you to get interested in Holistic Nutrition?

MM: Nutrition is a foundational pillar for fueling our bodies. There is no one way to do this, every body is unique and I wanted to learn how to best support myself, friends, and family with factual advice on how to best support the connection between food, exercise, psychology, and self.

How do you support your health & balance your lifestyle with all the travel & surf competitions?

MM: I learn something every day that defines my lifestyle that translates into my career; it can come in the form of nature, friendships, relationships, healthy food, fitness, meditation, yoga and people making a positive impact on the world within my community and globally. Even though surfing is such an individualized sport you’re really only as great as the sum of your parts. 

What’s scarier when surfing: coral/rocks or sharks? Or something else?

MM: Mother Nature is unpredictable. Being scared is healthy when it comes to the ocean, the currents, the waves, the abundant life in the sea. If we aren’t a little scared every time we surf there is no sense of humbleness or respect to the environment and that would be the most dangerous.

Can we see a photo of the most epic wave you’ve surfed?


Sounds like you've traveled the world, what's been your favorite destination & why?

MM: My favorite place besides my home in Hawaii, would be Australia. They have the best coffee, and I love their beach and sports culture, their farmers markets, cafes, and waves.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into surfing?

MM: Surfing has a big learning curve, and there is nothing that will help surfing more than surfing. So, go more than once and have an optimistic, open mind with no expectations. :) 


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Malia Manuel


Malia Manuel is a Native Hawaiian, professional surfer and lululemon elite ambassador. She is amongst the top 10 women surfers in the world, traveling and competing on the World Surf League. Malia values nature and the ocean. She loves to spend her time evolving her own wellness journey and connecting with those who enjoy the same.


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