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How I Nurish: Patrick Janelle Talks Summer Cocktails, Staycation Tips, & Listening To Your Body

How I Nurish: Patrick Janelle Talks Summer Cocktails, Staycation Tips, & Listening To Your Body

Patrick Janelle aka @aguynamedPatrick, is a lifestyle-focused Instagrammer and co-founder of The Liquor Cabinet, a mobile app dedicated to cocktail recipes. When he’s not hosting events around New York City, he can be found interviewing world-class movers and shakers on his YouTube channel—or supporting the development of artists and content creators through his newly founded talent management and creative agency, Untitled Secret. We asked Patrick to share his philosophies on nutrition as a lifestyle, some ideas for staying sane while staying indoors, and what he found most helpful about our Nurish by Nature Made® quiz.


How does nutrition play a role in your everyday life? 

PJ: In general, I’m not a person who keeps track too closely of the things that I’m eating and drinking. I have a very fruit and vegetable forward diet—but I’m definitely not vegetarian or vegan! In terms of how I maintain good nutrition, my approach is eating and drinking good quality things in moderation. I try to listen to my body to determine what my body really wants, and often that comes in the form of craving foods that taste tasty and balanced. My sense of how foods are balanced comes from the time I’ve spent in the kitchen making recipes. It really helps to dive in and experiment with recipes to understand how the balance of flavors also creates a nutritious balanced dish. Whether that means getting protein from cheese or fibers from grains, I have a general awareness of how things are put together, and I allow my body to tell me what it wants.

How important is nutrition in nourishing our minds and bodies?

PJ: It’s incredibly important to have good nutrition because our body is a facilitator for our lives and minds. If we’re treating our body well—and that includes nutrition as well as good exercise and mindfulness—we’re able to sustain a healthy life, physical body and work ethic. The way I treat my body, my relationship with myself and those around me, and the nutrients I put into my body are building blocks for creating a healthy lifestyle.

How do you try to meet your recommended nutrient needs through diet?  

PJ: Again, I just really listen to what my body tells me. Are there things I’ve been missing out on? I really believe that it’s about being in tune with my body’s needs and making sure I’m feeling healthy and energized from the foods I enjoy.


    What did you learn about yourself in taking the nurish quiz? Any specific fitness or wellness goals you shared?

    PJ: I was definitely interested and surprised by the questions. Nurish by Nature Made® was not only interested in assessing my nutrient needs and general health, but also my lifestyle, asking questions like ‘do you listen to music?’. It definitely made me think about how other parts of my life besides just food are important for staying healthy. Regarding fitness goals, I was a little conflicted when answering the question ‘what are your reasons for working out?’. What I thought I should say and what my real reasons were...were probably different! If I'm honest, I definitely want to work out to look good, even though I feel I should be working out to stay healthy. And if I’m doing the same thing every day—like just weights to “look good”—I don’t feel like my regimen is as healthy for me. The quiz really reminded me to create balance, and I’ve been doing more yoga in quarantine. And hopefully, the side effects are that I look great, too.

    What’s in your pack?

    PJ: I ended up with 9 in total:

    • Vitamin D for supporting bones, muscles, and immune system
    • Super B energy complex for all that hustle - I am working constantly and a lot of long hours
    • Lutein to keep your peepers on point - I didn’t even think about this as something I might need
    • Hair, skin, and nails - stay fabulous from head to toe
    • Magnesium oxide
    • Calcium - now that I have an espresso machine at home, I’m drinking a little more milk, but I’m still short on calcium.
    • Men’s multivitamin
    • Omega 3
    • Vitamin C

    Patrick's Pack

    Was there anything that surprised you or was tailored to a specific need?

    I hadn’t heard of lutein, so that was nice knowing that my eyes are something I need to be thoughtful of. I didn’t know lutein existed! Super B was not something I necessarily did, but love the idea of trying something new.


    Walk us through your morning routine and how nurish fits into it?

    PJ: With my current work-from-home lifestyle, I do yoga on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings because it gives me an energy boost for the rest of the day. I have a call at 9:30 every morning with my team, so up until 9:30 is my time to make myself a coffee and a small breakfast: something fairly light like an egg or a pastry or a little bite. I’ve also been in the habit of opening the nurish packet to consume the vitamins throughout the day. I love that the packs minimize the space the supplements take up. I live in the city and have very limited space in my apartment for storing jars and bottles in pantries. It can be overwhelming for me to take all at once, so I just rip off the daily dose packet and put the vitamins in a little dish. I like to have one or two in the morning and then throughout the day the dish is beside my computer as I’m my Zoom calls, in meetings, and checking emails. I’ll slowly make my way through the dish and finish up my packet by the end of the day.


      What types of activities are you doing to stay balanced during this time?

      PJ: It’s been helpful to use time to create some structure and maintain a framework for the day. Days blend into each other, and it can be hard to remember what’s a workday and what’s a weekend, so blocking out time in my calendar for specific activities creates structure. Doing that helps me take care of myself both mentally and physically.

      What are your go-to self-care rituals?

      PJ: Skincare routines morning and night, facemasks once a week or so, and yoga.


      How do you stick to your routine when traveling? What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed in nutrition in different parts of the world?

      PJ: The one thing I try to do is fight through jet lag and try to establish waking up in the morning and going to bed at a decent time immediately after landing in a destination. When traveling it can often be hard to get a lot of good vegetables and produce and greens because of the way food caters to tourists—it is often more decadent and less healthy. So, I try to be in tune with that and get nutrients from good vegetables when I can. That’s one reason I loved Vietnam: I had one of my favorite foods experiences ever while traveling there. Even the street food felt so clean and healthy. The food makes use of tons of fresh herbs—I loved that.

      What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever traveled to?

      PJ: In January, we were in Kenya and Tanzania. The Maasai Mara and the Serengeti were other-worldly with the mix of landscape and incredible wildlife.

      The one place you haven’t been and would like to go?

      PJ: Peru! I’m hoping to go this fall if things work out.

      How will nurish fit into your life on the road once things open up?

      PJ: Well the great thing is I have these little packets! I plan to take one for every day I’m on the road and stick them in a bag.

      What are your staycation tips? Any tips for how to create an oasis at home?

      PJ: If I’m doing a staycation at home, I love to focus on my dining experiences. I get an extra special bottle of wine, cocktail ingredients, and spend a little more time preparing a meal that I wouldn't normally make for myself at home. I make sure to plate beautifully…spending the extra time with presentation is something you’d get at a restaurant that you don’t often do for yourself.



      We asked Patrick to share a refreshing, healthier cocktail recipe to add some good vibes to any home oasis during the warmer months.


      • 2 ounces gin
      • 1 ounce celery juice
      • 1/2 ounce of lemon juice
      • ½ ounce agave syrup


      Shake over ice in cocktail shaker. Strain into a Collins glass over ice. If you desire, top it with soda and garnish with a sprig of mint!


      Patrick Janelle


      Patrick Janelle is best known for his lifestyle-focused Instagram account, @aguynamedPatrick and recently launched a YouTube channel dedicated to interviewing world-class movers and shakers. He has been recognized by the New York Times and The Guardian as a top Instagrammer and was awarded the inaugural Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award by the CFDA. Patrick is a frequent host of dining events, cocktails parties, and gatherings around New York City and is a co-founder of The Liquor Cabinet, a mobile app dedicated to cocktail recipes. He recently launched and founded Untitled Secret, a talent management and creative agency dedicated to the support and development of artists and content creators.


      This information is only for educational purposes and is not medical advice or intended as a recommendation of any specific products. Consult your health care provider for more information.

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