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How I Nurish: Michele Sullivan Shares Her Post-Pregnancy Goals and Nutritional Tips for New Moms

How I Nurish: Michele Sullivan Shares Her Post-Pregnancy Goals and Nutritional Tips for New Moms

Michele Sullivan is a digital content creator who loves sharing her integrated health and wellness journey to encourage other mothers to be their best self. She lives with her husband, two children, and two dogs in New Jersey and hopes to spark inspiration and love to her community through her media. We asked her to share her Nurish by Nature Made® experience, what her self-care routines are, and how her nutritional goals have changed after her latest pregnancy.


How does nutrition play a role in your everyday life?

MS: Nutrition is at the base of everything I do. Making sure my body is powered by the proper vitamins and nutrients, makes sure I can be at my best for myself and my children.

How important is nutrition in nourishing our minds and bodies?

MS: I find this to be very important, without a nourished body, you cannot nourish your mind.

How do you try to meet your recommended nutrient needs through diet?  

MS: I eat a mostly plant based diet, filled with nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, and legumes. By eating as many whole foods as possible I ensure I get the recommended nutrients needed daily.


    What did you learn about yourself in taking the nurish quiz? Any specific fitness or wellness goals you shared?

    MS: The nurish quiz helped me learn a customized approach to my vitamin regimen, specific to my needs. I shared the goal of staying healthy and active after my second pregnancy.

    What’s in your pack? And was there anything that surprised you or was tailored to a specific need?



    MS: The postnatal+DHA is tailored to my needs right now as my body recovers from pregnancy and enters a new phase.


    Walk us through your morning routine and how nurish fits into it?

    MS: I wake up with my kids, and feed them breakfast, and take my vitamins, and get ready for a workout. Nurish fits in perfectly, with the convenience of everything I need, all pre-packed together and easy to access quickly.


      What types of activities are you doing to stay balanced during this time?

      MS: Daily exercise and fueling up on nutrient dense foods, spending time with my family keep me balanced.

      What are your go-to self-care rituals?

      MS: Staying active and working out daily, as well as drinking fresh juices and smoothies are some of my go-to self-care rituals. Just taking some time for myself to think and meditate.


      How have your nutritional needs changed during and after your latest pregnancy?

      MS: My diet and nutritional needs have improved dramatically. I used to be a heavy meat protein eater, and now eat a mostly plant-based diet, which allows me to eat a lot more nutrient dense foods.

      What advice would you give to expecting or new moms?

      MS: Take moments for yourself. Focus on fueling your body with whole nutritious foods and take time to enjoy the little moments. Checking in on yourself is important, it takes good physical and mental health to keep up with your new little one.

      Are there any baby/toddler products that have been a lifesaver for you?

      MS: I have loved having a moses basket for Arlie. It’s a super easy and convenient way for the baby to nap anywhere from the beach to all over the house.

      How do you prioritize your health while caring for two young children?

      MS: I set aside at least 30 minutes each day to workout, whether its early in the morning, to late at night, I make sure to give myself that time.


      Fruit Roll Sushi


      • 1 tortilla wrap
      • 1 banana
      • Sliced strawberries
      • Spread of choice (we use peanut butter and jelly), but yogurt goes great too!
      • Honey (optional)


      On the tortilla, put down your spread, then your banana and sliced strawberries, drizzle with honey, and roll up and cut into “sushi” slices. It’s super easy to customize to your children favorite fruits, veggies, and spreads to make these fun-to-eat snacks!

      Bio pic

      Michele Sullivan


      Michele Sullivan resides in New Jersey with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Michele enjoys creating everyday moments and sharing them with her social media community. Her audience grew by being a fit mom as she shared her journey, she continues to integrate health and wellness into the content she shares and encourages other mothers to be their best self. She loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines with her family and bringing these flavors home to her own kitchen. Michele hopes to spark inspiration and love to her community through the media she shares. 


      This information is only for educational purposes and is not medical advice or intended as a recommendation of any specific products. Consult your health care provider for more information.



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