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7 Travel Tips for a Healthy Spring Break Trip

Newsha Tarifard, founder of TravelWell Adventures and paid contributor of Nurish by Nature Made, shares 7 tips on staying healthy while traveling.


Although the world still looks very different, many of us are itching for a Spring or Summer getaway whether that looks like a camping trip, a local day trip, or something else. We have also all heard the stories about people getting run down & feeling under the weather during and after travel. So what are some ways to support & maintain your health while you’re on the road? Keep reading!


1. Get adequate sleep

Are you a person who needs a vacation after your vacation? If you’re jamming your days full of activity from early morning through late night, chances are you’re lacking on sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors in supporting your immunity and who doesn’t want to feel at their best when they’re climbing a mountain or diving with turtles? For me, sleep is super important throughout my trips because it affects everything from my energy levels to mood to my wellbeing. So I try to get a full night’s rest throughout my trip and if I’m feeling groggy, I go for the 20min power nap. When I need a little extra help getting to sleep, I turn to natural sleep support supplement.


 2. Unplug & destress

These days, there are few things that feel better than having no internet access for a while. Spend some time off your phone & computer to really experience your surroundings and live in the moment. Nature does wonders for taking our minds off the stressful things in life. So treat yourself! Taking off-the-beaten-path trips to non-reception zones is one of my favorite ways to unwind and enjoy what the planet has to offer, uninterrupted. 


 3. Incorporate healthy meals

When we travel, we tend to change our normal dietary routine and since we often dine out more often throughout the trip, it’s easy to forget to eat as many fruits & vegetables as you normally might at home. I personally end up feeling sluggish when I do this for several days and it makes a big difference for me to incorporate healthy meals as often as possible. Whether it means ordering a salad instead of burgers & fries or sipping on a smoothie vs. a cocktail at some points, eating healthily helps me feel better overall & helps ensure I’m getting more of the nutrients I need.


 4. Try the local fruits & veggies

Another way to get all those nutrients? Produce markets! One of my favorite activities when I visit different regions, is to check out local markets & try some of the fruits & vegetables that I don’t normally see at home. This is how I discovered mangosteen in Thailand and rambutan in Australia. It’s a fun excursion and makes for a wonderful way to experience the local culture. Ask the locals what they recommend & get those fruit & veggie servings you may not be getting as mentioned above!


 5. Take your vitamins

Along the lines of getting the nutrients you need, taking vitamins throughout your trip also helps support a healthy lifestyle and fill in nutrient gaps. I travel with my Nurish by Nature Made personalized packs and take one each morning. They’re convenient & easy to pack (especially for light packers!) so I’ll take as many as I need for the trip I’m on.


6. Stay active

Physical activity is not only good for your health but also makes for many exciting activities when you’re traveling. I love doing bike tours in urban areas and scenic hikes in mountainous regions. If you’re into adventure, there’s usually a plethora of activity options that will give you that vacay thrill & a glowing smile at the end. I also recommend walking to sights whenever possible as it allows you to enjoy the city, experience the local vibes, & also get all your steps in.


7. Stay hydrated

It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re out & about all day, in the sun, and maybe not drinking as much water as you normally would. I try to buy giant jugs of water for my room at the start of a trip so that I always have plenty available and fill up my water bottle at the start of each day. I also pack electrolyte packets for trips in case I feel like I need them after a long day of active excursions.


Staying healthy throughout your trip will make for a more fun & exciting trip overall, allowing you to experience everything you want to do. You’ll also be able to return home feeling refreshed from a fun-filled vacay!


TravelWell Adventures is a personalized travel planning service that handcrafts curated trips to destinations around the world.

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